pandora charms 2 page apology letter from gol

2 page apology letter from golf club thief

DENVER Greg Knight and Neal Bigelow’s round of golf ended many rounds of golf do with a trip to the clubhouse for a cold beverage. They thought about dropping their clubs off at their cars, but instead decided to put them in the bag rack near the front door of Willis Case Clubhouse.When they came back out, pandora charms Knight’s clubs were gone. And even though having his clubs stolen was troubling, the other items in the bag posed a much bigger problem.”My checkbook was in there. The car keys were in there,” Knight said. “I had a flight to catch less than 24 hours later, so my concern was the car keys. At that point, I just called the clubs a loss right then and there.”Knight was also worried because his address was on his personal checks and his house key was on the ring with his car key. He filed a report with the police and got a ride home from the golf course pandora charms .Three hours later, he got a call from a member of the golf course’s staff.”He goes, ‘you know I have some funny news for you. We found your towel, your glove and your keys,’ so I got very happy. And then he’s like ‘th pandora charms ere’s 2 page long apology letter,'” Knight said.The two page, handwritten apology begins with, “It is with deep regret and apology that I admit pandora charms to my involvement in the wrongful and illegal theft of your personal property.””It is written pretty well and some thought went into it,” Knight said.The apology letter references a second person who was involved in taking the clubs, and alludes to that second person being unwilling to return them.Knight’s keys, his golf towel and golf glove were found on the 10th tee at Willis Case Golf Course alongside the apology letter.”I mean it is just an unbelievable twist to the story,” Bigelow said.The apology letter ends with, “I hope with all my heart that you can forgive me and accept my deepest apologies toward you and how you were victimized in this incident. Sincerely, Dumba Seeking Remorse.””Thanks for manning up is all I can say,” Knight said. “Thanks for manning up and at least returning that property.”.