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2 Cubic Yards Of Topsoil Is How Many 40 Pound Bags Of Topsoil

It can really vary depending on the type of topsoil and the way the bag is packed. Some soils may have high moisture content and that makes it rather difficult to come up with a definitive answer for all circumstances. It’s worth checking the bag because they may contain a number reflecting what percentage of a cubic yard is in the bag, from this you could c pandora jewellery australia alculate the amount needed.

On average though, you are probably looking at about 1 cubic foot in a 40 lb bag, which would mean 27 bags would be required for a cubic yard and 54 for two cubic yards. That would be for tightly packed soil, whereas for a loose cubic pandora jewellery australia yard would obviously require less. There may be better ways of getting this amount of so pandora jewellery australia il, perhaps in a bulk delivery.

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